Introducing Amplify Exchange — A Global Crypto Exchange

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Amplify Exchange will deliver the initial phase of our application--the brokerage platform--in the first half of 2019.

The first 50,000 people to pre-register will receive 500 AMPX tokens upon the release of the platform.

We are happy to announce that you can now pre-register for an exclusive invitation to be part of the initial product rollout!

Amplify Exchange

Key Improvements Amplify Exchange Brokerage Will Bring To Market


Users can purchase altcoins directly with Fiat

Purchasing Bitcoin can be difficult, but purchasing altcoins can be downright frustrating.

Amplify takes the guesswork out of purchasing altcoins and allows you to go straight from fiat to the altcoin of your choice; this simplistic approach ensures that even first-time crypto purchasers can easily get the coins in which they have interest.


Users get the best price possible across 8 of the top exchanges*

Unlike the stock market, where a brokerage quotes you the single best price for the company you are interested in, the crypto market has great variance in price from exchange to exchange.

Amplify aims to provide you the best price available across 8 of the top cryptocurrency exchanges, allowing you to have peace of mind that you are getting the best buy or sell price possible; buyers will receive the lowest price amongst the top eight cryptocurrency exchanges while sellers will receive the highest price amongst those same eight exchanges.


Lower fees than other brokerages

By reducing the number of steps it takes to perform a cryptocurrency trade, Amplify is able to offer lower trading fees than just about any crypto broker on the planet.

Our flat trading fee will be in line with - or better than -industry standards.


Trade in your native language

Today, cryptocurrency platforms are very region and language specific; this limits people from different nationalities from reaping the benefit of the many exchanges throughout the world.

Amplify will be the first natively translated platform which will provide a much cleaner end to end experience for people from all geographic locations. For each region that we service, our team will ensure that our interface supports the primary language. This will also extend to marketing and notification emails so the experience is completely tailored for each user.


With the Tools to Create a Best-in-Class Exchange Brokerage

Learn & Stay Updated About Projects Right Through the Trading Screen

Before purchasing any cryptocurrency, it is important to do your own research so you are making an educated decision. The process to perform this today is difficult and convoluted, requiring you to take a trading symbol (ex: BTC) on an exchange and from there go and learn all about the project.

Amplify makes this process simple by integrating details about each project right within the user interface so you can drill in and learn all about a project before making a purchase. And once you have purchased the coin, staying up to date on the project's progress is easy.

Track & analyze the true value of your portfolio over time

Risk management tools are one of the most important, yet, most frequently missing features on other platforms; most cryptocurrency exchanges and brokerages make it difficult for customers to track their portfolio holdings and gauge account value over time.

However, risk management tools are front and center at Amplify; we help our customers monitor the profit and/or losses of each position, as well as provide insights into the portfolio as a whole. Doing this makes it easy for the customer to analyze historical performance and optimize various trading strategies; this helps our customer’s stick to what works! We’ll give you all the information you need to do so.

Tools and Devices


The first 50,000 people to pre-register will receive 500 AMPX tokens upon the release of the platform.